Let us deal with your small jobs before they turn into big ones

Plumbing systems aren't always complex but when they do go wrong, have the potential to go severely wrong. Take the example of one of our clients who turned to us for help. For some time, they had been aware of a slow drip at the stop cock but kept putting off doing anything about it. Then, returning from a fortnight's holiday, they came home to a kitchen flooded by a drip which had turned into a stream of water. Not surprisingly, the damage to the kitchen resulted in a significant bill.

Problems and emergencies

Plumbing problems and emergencies often fill householders with dread. Most people prefer not to think about their plumbing until confronted by frozen pipes, cold radiators, or a seized stop cock. Whatever your property, residential or commercial, it relies on an efficient and functional plumbing system. There is clean, fresh drinking water to be piped in, hot and cold running water to be supplied to kitchens and bathrooms, and waste water needs to be piped out.

Unvented systems

  • Servicing
  • New installations
  • Fault-finding
  • Advice


  • Noisy radiators
  • Leaking valves
  • System flush
  • Replacement radiators
  • Designer radiators
  • New installations
  • Thermostatic valves


  • Bathroom refurbishments
  • New installations
  • Replacement basins & baths
  • New toilets
  • Reseal around bath
  • New bath panels
  • Tiling


  • Shower servicing & repairs
  • New installations
  • Replacement showers
  • Shower cubicles
  • Shower screens
  • Shower pumps

Leaks & repairs

  • Dripping taps
  • Seized stopcock
  • Noisy water system
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Burst pipes
  • Dripping overflow

General plumbing

  • Outside taps
  • New loft water tanks
  • New kitchen taps
  • New bath & basin taps
  • Stand-alone water heaters

Water softeners

  • Softener installations
  • Service and maintenance
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Water filters

Vacant property

  • Drain downs
  • Insurance compliant
  • Heating & water
  • System decommissioning
  • Copper pipework removal